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Our Frequency

Everything Is Energy

Especially you human...

We believe that healthy eating should be affordable and delicious for everyone. Our plant-based meal plans are designed to help you achieve your wellness goals, whether you are fighting obesity, high blood pressure, or traffic. Eating better makes you feel better. Our founder Stacey, a native Mississippian, has struggled with high blood pressure herself. She fully understands the importance of healthy eating.

Our mission is to provide wholesome, plant-based meals and recipes that nourish your body and soul. We are also committed to reducing food waste, and all of our meals are designed to minimize waste and promote sustainability. Change what you consume, change your frequency. It starts with you.

Our Process

Our meal plans are designed to ensure that you receive balanced, delicious meals every week. We use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to create our plant-based meals, and we never use preservatives or additives. Each week, you will receive a new plant-based meal plan that is tailored to your personal dietary preferences and goals. Our process is designed to make healthy eating easy and accessible, so you can focus instead on living your best life. Stay tuned for updates when we will get started and check out our store until then. 

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