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Jalapenos For Wellness

Health benefits of adding jalapenos "spice" into your life!

Adding jalapenos to your diet during cold weather can be a great idea. These little peppers not only add flavor to your meals but can also provide many health benefits. By incorporating jalapenos into your meals, you could potentially boost your metabolism, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and lower your risk of certain diseases. Remember to eat them in moderation and to consider your taste preferences and dietary needs when making food choices. I used to hate spicy food but now I'm like bring it on!

Jalapenos for heart health.

Side note... You can grow jalapenos in pots on your patio.

We can easily grow jalapeños in Mississippi because the state has a warm climate, well-drained soil, and plenty of sunshine - all of which are ideal conditions for the growth of jalapeño plants. They thrive in temperatures between 70- and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and require full sun exposure for at least six hours daily. Trust me I know. My Son grows a variety of peppers to make his secret pepper sauce, including the one I don't touch, Ghost Pepper. Additionally, jalapeno pepper plants need consistent watering to avoid rotting. By providing these conditions, Mississippi can be an ideal place to grow jalapeno peppers.

"I put them in everything. Just so you know."

Anyhoo... Jalapeños are a healthy and tasty addition to any of your meals. I eat them almost every day, but if you are just starting to get into their health benefits, try them every other day. Even once a week is a good start. A balanced and varied diet is key to good health. If you enjoy the taste of jalapeños and they agree with your body, baby there's no harm in adding them to ALL of your meals.

That's on Mary had a Little Lamb ya' heard?



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