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Let There Be Lilies and Okra Stew

Are you single? Have you been through ups and downs? Then one day you meet the one who gets you. Even if you both are terrified? This poem is for you...

Orange Peels A Love Poem

I am working on a book of love poems and plant-based recipes. On occasion, I will post poetry here. I hope you enjoy it. Poetry has saved me so many years from myself and others. There was a time when I stopped writing. But that time is no more...

"Let There Be Lilies and Okra Stew"

You came from stardust,

sprinkled in my soul, existing as a divine light.

Will you feed me okra stew at 6 pm?

My hunger lives as a testament to this night.

Napkins and plates lay soulfully bound,

to a linen table in perfect arrangement.

Let there be lilies there too and okra stew,

A meal for connecting me and you.

As we sit and dine by candlelight,

Our love will grow stronger, shining so bright.

The scent of lilies fills the air,

As we savor each bite, without a single care.

Your okra stew, so warm and rich,

creates an internal flame, that will never switch.

With every spoonful, our hearts entwine,

Our souls, this spirit match, destined to shine.

The lilies and okra stew are a perfect pair,

Our love, if born, we will always share.

So let there be lilies and your okra stew,

A symbol of new love, forever true.

Let our meal be a reminder,

that the past didn't break us.

No matter how hurt pushed or shoved us,

We survived with the chance to fall again,

While some fall in love, let's fall in trust.

With blessings that come from above.

C Stacey 3/6/24


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