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"On Being Stuck in the 90's"

Are you longing for the kind of love prevalent in the 90s? A love that was free, easy, and uncomplicated in the age of trap music, social media, and shopping mall love? Don't worry if you do. This poem is most likely for you.

"Lamentation on Missing 90's Love"
2018 Greater Jackson Arts Counsel

I am working on a book of love poems and plant-based recipes. On occasion, I will post poetry here. I hope you enjoy it. Poetry has saved me from myself and others for so many years. There was a time when I stopped writing. But that time is no more...

"On Being Stuck In the 90s"

Oh, how I miss the 90s, 2000s kind of love,

When the music was soulful with lyrics from above.

"Living Single" was my favorite show,

A time when the groove was simple, and life was slow.

The microphones were always on, with melodies oh so sweet,

The artists sang of love, heartbreak, and even defeat.

It was a time when people were kind,

When warm hugs and good love weren't hard to find.

I miss that neo-soul black hippy kind of love,

When the rhythm was easy, and the lyrics tough.

A dope time, blasting Jill Scott in my ride,

I would sing along out loud, feeling so alive.

Those good ol' affordable days when gas was cheap.

There was some neo-soul love in them Maxwell streets.

India Arie's love gospels touched my heart,

As I walked on gravel roads admitting my fears,

boom box love songs brought me to tears.

Cause good music makes you feel,

But now we here...

Love was like a timeless, sensual song,

Everybody was frontin', just being grown...

But those DVD rentals gave us serious Love Jones.

We were wild and carefree.

Now Snapchat and Instagram gives us social relief.

I refuse to let my gentle way of loving call it quits.

I'm staying stuck in the 90's when the vibe was lit.

I'm rotating my Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey,

If the '90s was a person we would surely marry.

It was a safer, more loving time.

When kids could run and play outside without fear.

But now we here...

Old school music will always have my heart,

A time when people were real, and love was art.

Love letters were scribbled on torn pieces of paper,

Like Biz Markie, we all had the vapors.

It was a time when love was eclectic and chill,

Now love feels like bills, overdue with no thrills.

90's love always comes with soul fire,

Give me the Rick and Tina, fire and desire...

Love has given me bumps and bruises.

But until the reciprocity has a 90's love chill,

I'll be singing like Brandy, sitting up in my room,

Reminiscing on D'Angelo making folks swoon.

"So, tell me. How does it feel?"

C Stacey 3/6/24




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