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Orange Peels

They say, "Be a Poet or Be a Poem." David Carradine said that I think. I didn't research it. I was just thinking about oranges just now. So, I wrote a poem...

Orange Peels A Love Poem

I am working on a book of love poems and plant-based recipes. On occasion, I will post poetry here. I hope you enjoy it. Poetry has saved me so many years from myself, and others. There was a time when I stopped writing. But that time is no more...

"Orange Peels"

Loving you was like orange fruit,

Peeling back your layers with care,

Revealing the sweetest parts of you,

It seems I always had to share.

But no hard feelings here...

Cause your zest, your flavor, your aroma,

All combined to make you divine,

And loving you is still the same.

On the sunniest of days, over time,

It remains the sweetest memory in my mind.

I loved you like orange peels,

With every fiber of my being,

Because our soft love was just as sweet,

As the fruit, we were seeing.

I peeled back your layers with care,

revealing the sweetest parts of you,

I let you live your truth,

Cause' every real orange comes from seed,

Like real love, it must be planted.

I loved you like orange peels,

You just didn't understand it...

C Stacey 2/18/24




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