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"Skin. An Open Letter to My Future Soulmate"

A Love Letter in Reciprocity.

"Next time around, I want to fall in trust, not just in love. I don't want to stumble into love as empaths tend to do. Rather, I want a friend's first kind of love, a soft love that happens organically, without persuasion. I want an honest love. I want a love that tells me about myself but won't let anyone else do it. I'm talking about that Whitley and Duane Wayne, 90's kind of love. Do you remember the hit series "A Different World"? If you don't, then this love letter is probably not for you."

I am working on a book of love poems and plant-based recipes. On occasion, I will post some poetry here. I hope you enjoy it. Poetry has saved me from myself and others for many years. There was a time when I stopped writing, but that time is no more...

Mynelle Gardens 2016

"Skin. An Open Letter to My Future Soulmate"

My Beloved,

Upon endless rivers, my love will flow so that thirst is never a realization for you. I apologize in advance for all the mind games you must have endured. My dearest, you smell of lavender and coconut oil, a paradox of softness. You speak to me in revolutionary tones, I listen to your musings with my lips, soft against your temple. My arms can hold the weight of any burdens you bear. I am never too proud to be weak for you. If you desire the clouds to cry or the stars to scribble your name in the sky. Ask what you will, and I will make it so.

You said, "Are you, my destiny, the one I desire when light beams in the world cease? When movements in darkness disrupt my peace? Will you open me, mentally, physically, and spiritually? Will you ride for me like Assata, chakras open wide, be my love guru with earth highs speaking God to me in third eye? Will you write our revolutions, sitting beneath the stars at three, and be ready to ride for me if need be?"

I replied, "I am Sunami waves inside you, I make your dreams vivid. I am the reason you feel safe, and I offer cosmic energy. I gaze at your photographs, and I am winded. You take my breath from me. I am all the things you manifested; did you write me into reality? I am everything you feel synchronized. Here to open your mind before your thighs.

Es-tu ici pour t’abandonner à mon amour ?

My love for you is as vast as the Atlantic, warm like southern Florida nights. It is wrapped in culture like Nola streets and who doesn't love New Orleans? Regardless of which way the wind blows, let me be your sail. I will protect your heart, our love as colorful as art. When the world outside gets crazy, we will remain safe within..."

I shall be your love. You will be my skin.

Ma bien-aimée,


C Stacey 3/11/24

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