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The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

Oh okay. You gave up the meat huh?

Well, I know you have a billion questions. The main one possibly being, "Now what?"

"How can I survive eating only vegetables? What kind of vegan am I? Can I afford to eat healthy? "

All are valid and reasonable questions. No lies, it can be challenging. I stopped eating meat in 2005, a commitment between me and my partner at the time. We wanted a lasting awareness of what goes into our bodies. Unfortunately, fidelity wasn't one of the lasting things. But in 2024, here I am happily single and plant-based strong. This is not just my lifestyle. It's also how I choose to make a living. Mind you, I was a pescatarian for a season. This brings up the issue I have with humans labeling others based on their food journey. But this is a topic for another time.

Just Being Stacey

Plant-based eating refers to a dietary pattern that primarily includes plant-derived foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. This approach to eating involves minimizing or eliminating animal products from your diet and focusing on consuming nutrient-dense plant-based foods.

Not sure where you are located on the planet but chile I am in Mississippi. One thing southern folks are going to do is listen to blues music and eat barbecue. We truly have meat-eating addicts here. Which is cool if that's your thing. No judging... We also have high blood pressure, diabetes, and sexually transmitted disease rates, putting us at or near number one in the country. Eating well now might ensure you have a longer more fulfilling life later. Years ago, it was out of the "norm" to be considered meatless. But times are changing.

If you are looking to lower chronic stress, improve gut health, or have better weight management, this is your move. Imagine the environmental impact your choice is making. It's truly a major life change. We will post many recipes here. Our meal plan service will be a great thing locally, and we plan to market nationally. You can break bread with us at our storefront, Local Vegan 501, sometime in 2024. It's a work in progress. We are not attempting to be the voice of veganism but rather add to the awareness that true wealth is in your health. Have an amazing plant-based journey. We would love to be with you all the way. Take a deep breath... Being plant-based is much easier than you think.



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